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Thank you, for giving me the honour of sharing my gifts, it is a joy for me to support your connection with Spirit in this way. Kimberley x

Niche Secrets Breakthrough VIP Day

“I had invested in an intensive marketing course but something was missing and fortunately I found that in Kim. She pointed out that I was 80% there, I had a lot of the practical and emotional things sorted but without individual attention on my business and my emotions I was aware that I may never get my business off the ground. One ‘VIP day’ later and I have a complete strategy for launching not one but 3 products and it’s such a relief. I’ve got lots of work to do to finalise everything but I know that I’ll stick to my deadlines as I will be submitting accountability forms to Kim. I am very excited about the future!”

Kate Cave,

“Before working with Kimberley I was confused about my niche and going round and round in circles. Kimberley’s spiritual intuitive coaching method helped me to focus on exactly who I’m here to serve and to design my signature system, “Soul Purpose Breakthrough to Brilliance.” Once I was clear and made the decision I felt the energy open up, like nothing standing in my way. She will quickly get you moving forward on your path. Thanks Kim.”

Leah Levkowitz,

Through personal accident the Universe has given me time out and therefore I have been trying to use the time wisely to be clearer on my soul’s purpose and the way forward. After working with Kim on her Soul Niche Programme, I am now clearer on my soul purpose and have identified the way forward. Kimberley’s process is not only quick but extremely powerful. I have identified new business models and ways of working that will help me to reach more people and live my soul vision. For those of you pondering and sitting on the fence please get off it and get on with the reason you are here. If you’re needing clarity on your life purpose, I highly recommend you to work with Kimberley as soon as possible.

Nina Dungey, Therapist


Money Mastery Breakthrough

“Kim is a delight to work with, she soon got to work on sorting out the mess in my head. After starting off with HUGE problems about accepting money I actually increased my prices by 30% the next day. I felt confident doing this and that must have come across as the new client just accepted the price and wrote the cheque! Since that appointment I haven’t had any more issues with self-worth and charging and in fact am confident to launch my first VIP Day “

Kate Cave,

“Before working with Kimberley, I was confused with many aspects of my marketing and had no email list or way of converting my prospects to clients. Working with Kimberley was a real eye opener. I have been amazed at the in-depth processes that Kimberley has shared with me and having updated my website, am pleased to say I now have a much clearer message, a unique 5 Step signature programme for optimum nutrition, together with a system for converting my prospects into clients and a new marketing plan! The done for you templates were instrumental in helping me to quickly implement my marketing and client enrolment plan. Since mentoring with Kimberley in just a short while I have achieved so much. Kimberley connected me with an ideal joint venture partner and I am now ready to create my first product. I am confident that I will now attract more of my ideal clients. If you’re looking for clarity, support and mentoring to transform your business, then I whole-heartedly recommend Kimberley.”
Susan Davis, Nutritionist,


Intuitive Business Coaching/Mentoring

“I came to you at a time of crisis really not knowing which way to turn or which way to go. I now feel that I have started on a significant journey. My sessions with you have been very emotional, but also fun. I certainly wouldn’t have imagined that I would be saying that when I first contacted you.I have discovered within me a power that I didn’t know existed and I’m learning to allow myself to wander in the land of,’ what if’ I’ve got a tenuous hold on the fact that I CAN do anything I want, and look forward to that hold becoming firmer.At our first session I showed you a poem I had written called Weeping, which spoke of paths not travelled and closed gates. I’m now looking forward to travelling those paths and opening those gates. I know there is going to be a rainbow world awaiting me when I do.”

Sheila, Somerset

“I found Kimberley very easy to talk to, and she had real insight into my situation. It helps that Kimberley also has a lot of experience working with therapies and teaching for a number of years, making her the perfect mentor for my business. I found the strategies that we discussed an eye opener, Kimberley has a wealth of experience that she was happy to share with me in order to help my business progress. I am now raring to go and make some much needed changes. Thank you so much Kimberley. I would urge anyone who wishes to make some changes to the way they are working to accelerate their business potential to contact Kimberley.”


“Kim – I’m deeply grateful for all your help over the past three months as I’ve faced the challenge of many changes in my life. The endless questions I’ve asked have been answered with amazing clarity and patience (and humour!). You have such knowledge and experience of human behaviour, with the ability to cut through the crap to get to the fundamental issues. You’ve helped me believe in myself and build a faint spark into more of a flame. I’m looking forward to our continued work together so I can build a fire! Many thanks.”

Stella, HR Exec. Somerset (doubled her income, now living her dream in Perth Australia)

Hypnotherapy Training

“Absolutely excellent, just what I was looking for.”

” I have found the alchemy hypnotherapy training to be absolutely excellent. Just what I was looking for. It has had an immediate and most beneficial affect on my work as a Psychosynthesis Therapist and I have found myself able to use many of the techniques I have learned in the service of my clients. I have found the teachers of the course to be excellent. In the very first weekend I was given permission to learn with my whole self and that I have been able to do.

I have discussed this course with a friend doing another hypnotherapy training and he is most jealous. I am extremely glad and grateful to have done this holistic hypnotherapy course. It has already allowed me to process a great deal of personal material with my family and given me access to incredibly empowering techniques for my clients. I could recommend this course and the alchemy work to anyone wishing to personally grow and assist others in their personal growth.”

Mark Jones. Psychosynthesis Therapist, Bristol.

“Lively, fun and interactive training style.”

“Thanks for a wonderful training experience in a fabulous setting with great people. I really appreciated your lively, fun and interactive training style. What I found most interesting was the amazing difference between Alchemical and more traditional forms of hypnosis.

Personally, I found an answer to a problem that has troubled my relationships for over 40 years. Professionally, I now have more understanding of many areas of my existing therapeutic work, and a new set of tools for me to help others with. The Conference Room, subpersonality process is amazing! I am really glad that I have experience in various therapeutic styles as I have learned to be flexible and track the client’s process. This has improved greatly since training with you, so on behalf of my clients as well as myself. Thank You.”

Ron Rosenfeld, Starfish Life Improvement Centre. Bournemouth , Dorset

“As a trainer, Kim is able to offer a rare combination of intuitive insight and a rigorous commitment to getting students to engage fully with appropriate methodologies and techniques. The end result is a richly layered learning experience which is both supportive and challenging”

Andy Oldfield, Hypnotherapist, Plymouth

“Finding and training in the Alchemical Transpersonal hypnotherapy model has changed my life and is now letting me help to change others lives too.

I am blessed to go through this journey with all my clients and feel it is an honor and privilege to meet and work with so many different and diverse souls”

Joanna Edwards.

Website Design

“I’ve just set up as a therapist and I’m no “techie” when it comes to computers; setting up a website myself with all the content, technical operations and necessary know-how was far outside my knowledge. Kimberley offered to get it done for me, totally sympathetically and empathetically tailored to and for me and at a fraction of the cost of my previous quote. My website was up in no time and I’m delighted with the results. I highly recommend her. Her service is second to none “

Rosemary Buck,

Reiki Drum Training

“Kimberley, hello. I so enjoyed your Reiki Drum workshop at Parsonage. I could hear the drum tone change as you drummed around that woman, as you immediately knew where her unhealthy parts were. Well, the drum told you. I have had a skin problem, following a liver transplant. There was a significant improvement on the eve of your workshop. The vibrations had a positive effect….So I thank you. My first meeting with Reiki Drum, and I’m impressed. 🙂 ”

Marie Maxwell, Counsellor

Intuitive Readings

“I can’t express the gratitude I feel for your reading. I did have trouble with cataracts on both my eyes this spring and had cataract surgery on both eyes and now I don’t have to wear glasses except to read. Martha is a dear friend of my mothers who did pass over about ten years ago. Charlie may have been the one we called Bud who was her husband. The anniversary in November is my Uncles passing on Thanksgiving day. You are absolutely amazing and I ask God to bless you infinitely and your Love and light always”

Glenda (USA)

”The grandmother could be my husbands great grandmother. I dont know her name but I will find out and let you know and as for her speaking of Jim that is her great Uncle on my husbands side. Thank you so much for everything. God Bless You”

Tracy (Victoria B.C)

“My cousin told me about you. She was the one that had the daughter named Crysta that passed away and you gave her a reading. I was amazed by your psychic ability.”

Sandy (Manchester)

“A strong and evidential reading with evidence of my Mothers character and her illness before passing, together with many memories we shared. You rightly told me I had given Spirit an ultimatum. One thing that puzzled me was the name of Hilda. As I told you I didn’t know any Hilda at the time, however a few days later I met a lady who offered to cook for me, her name – HILDA! “

John (Bridgwater)

“Thanks for your insightful comments with regard to this relationship. You really do seem to ‘grasp’ things in a ‘no words needed’ kind of way – you are one very special lady… “

Anna (Sweden)

“Thank you so much for taking the time to send me this e-mail 🙂 You hit the nail right on the head with the 6 year time frame…..thank you!!!”

Cinde (New Zealand)

“Thank you for the wonderful reading and guidance you gave me at Bill Harrison’s today. Thank you for connecting me with my Mum. Only Mum and I know what happened between us before she passed to Spirit, so I know you gave me some precious moments with her.”

Edith (Burnham On Sea, UK)Facebook

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