Reiki I & II Degree Training


 (2 day Intensive + case studies)  £220 per person.  Classes as scheduled or by arrangement in Somerset and Bournemouth, Dorset.

Students will receive all attunements to level II, together with 3 Reiki Symbols. You will learn how to give a Reiki healing treatment to self and others, including animals. The course fee includes full manuals and certification. Clinical supervision is available and recommended for your ongoing personal and professional development and practice. Progression to Masters level is available and should be discussed with your Reiki Master.  Reiki Drum Training is available to those who have completed Reiki II.

Course contents include;

  • History, Background and Development of Reiki
  • Principles (precepts) of Reiki    
  • Benefits of Reiki                                                       
  • Western Attunement/Reiju Empowerments
  •  Hand Placements 
  • Application of Symbols
  •  Mind/Body connection
  • Emotional Release
  • A-Z of Illnesses
  • Being in Practice Practice in BEING
  • Energetic Awareness  
  • Self-Care for Therapists
  • Supervision
  • Professional Practice: Insurance, Record Keeping, Confidentiality, Referrals
  • Usui’s Self-Treatment Method
  • Usui’s Crystal Method

Prior to your attendance, you will be issued with a comprehensive training manual allowing you to study at your leisure. Your manual provides you with the essential Reiki techniques which will be reviewed briefly on the day, allowing us to focus on practical hands-on experience on the day.

Students Testimonials

“Just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. It was nice meeting and working with the group. It still amazes me just how intuitive and /talented you are knowing from one minute to the next what every ones individuals needs are in order for them to get the most out of their experiences.  I got up feeling rather flat but with the song {I can see clearly now the rain has gone }. You know the one? Ringing through my ears over and over. Then it struck me   -for the first time in about 13 years I can at last see the sun breaking through MY clouds -AND YES ITS GOING TO BE A BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT SUN SHINEY DAAAAAY. I can really feel it .Its not just empty words anymore .i know i still have a long way to go but can feel myself moving forward little by little. No more going in circles not for me. And this is thanks to your special gift of love and understanding along with careful guidance that has shown me a way out of the grey wet days that I’d come to think was life.” 

Jo, Weston Super Mare

I greatly appreciated our workshop and your teaching and guidance in Reiki.  I found the attunements so very moving and powerful – as you saw – in a way that left me feeling so ‘full’ and powerful.  I left you knowing that I would now be going out into the world and make some big differences in people’s lives.

As an aside, within 2 hours of leaving you I went to see a sick friend who had been in hospital for 21 days, 7 of them in Intensive care, after an operation that went wrong.  Because of her condition and the bed etc. it was only possible to give her Reiki around the painful area, and then not in contact.  Within a second, literally 1 second, we both felt the enormous power flowing between us and since then she has improved rapidly.

Many thanks for changing my life, and for helping me find the power to help many others over the coming years.

Yours with a big warm hug

Ron R, Dorset

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