Reiki Drum Training

The Reiki Drum Technique 2 Day Training

Reiki Drum is a fusion of Reiki and Shamanic Drumming.  A sound and energy therapy, Reiki Drum is perfect for healing, personal and spiritual development.  Offering cellular healing and raising your vibration.  Reiki Drum incorporates; Drum Healing, Drum Journeying, Mental and Emotional Reprogramming. The therapeutic benefits of drumming have been widely documented.  Ideal for personal enjoyment or for those who wish to extend their Reiki Healing Practice.

Certification Pre-requisite – Reiki II

Course Structure

•Preparation of Self
•Creating Sacred Space
•Space Clearing & Preparation with Essence
•Honouring the Seven Sacred Directions Meditation Ceremony
•Reiki Drum Selection Ceremony
•What is The Reiki Drum Technique?
•Origins of Reiki Drumming™
•Scientific Research on Drumming & Its Healing Powers
•Reiki Drum Journey – Soul Retrieval Technique
•Group Drumming – Practical
•Reiki Drum Attunement
•The Power of Thought
•Reiki Drum Healing – Basic Technique
•Giving and Receiving a Drum Healing Session – Practical
•Reiki Drum – Journey Technique
•Giving and Receiving a Journey Session – Practical
•Professional Ethics for Practitioners & Code of Conduct
•Intuitively working with Reiki and the Drum – Practical work with symbols
•Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Reprogramming Technique
•Giving and Receiving a Reprogramming Session – Practical
•Journey to meet your Power Animal
•Connecting with the unique energy of your own personal drum
•Teaching the Reiki Drum Technique and Case Study Guidelines
•Closing Ceremony


Duration of Course: 2 days 

Fee: £295 – Includes 16″ Remo Drum, Workbook and class manual. If you have your own drum, the fee is reduced to £220, please advise at time of booking as drums need to be ordered in advance.

Reiki Drum – Somerset and Dorset    DATES  Please call or email for booking form    01202 579216

Reiki Drum Master Teacher Assessment Day £100


Teaching Reiki Drum – Requirements: – Reiki Master Teacher Training, at least one year’s teaching experience, six months practical Reiki Drum experience, provision of six Reiki Drum case studies, attendance of Assessment Day.

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