“Absolutely excellent, just what I was looking for.”

” I have found the alchemy hypnotherapy training to be absolutely excellent.  Just what I was looking for.  It has had an immediate and most beneficial affect on my work as a Psychosynthesis Therapist and I have found myself able to use many of the techniques I have learned in the service of my clients.  I have found the teachers of the course to be excellent.  In the very first weekend I was given permission to learn with my whole self and that I have been able to do.
I have discussed this course with a friend doing another hypnotherapy training and he is most jealous.  I am extremely glad and grateful to have done this holistic hypnotherapy course.  It has already allowed me to process a great deal of personal material with my family and given me access to incredibly empowering techniques for my clients.  I could recommend this course and the alchemy work to anyone wishing to personally grow and assist others in their personal growth.”
Mark Jones.  Psychosynthesis Therapist, Bristol.
“Lively, fun and interactive training style.”

“Thanks for a wonderful training experience in a fabulous setting with great people. I really appreciated your lively, fun and interactive training style.  What I found most interesting was the amazing difference between Alchemical and more traditional forms of hypnosis.

Personally, I found an answer to a problem that has troubled my relationships for over 40 years.  Professionally, I now have more understanding of many areas of my existing therapeutic work, and a new set of tools for me to help others with. The Conference Room, subpersonality process is amazing! I am really glad that I have experience in various therapeutic styles as I have learned to be flexible and track the client’s process.  This has improved greatly since training with you, so on behalf of my clients as well as myself.  Thank You.”

Ron Rosenfeld,  Starfish Life Improvement Centre. Bournemouth , Dorset

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