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How to Tune Into Your Body Wisdom

Watch this short video, to learn how to develop your intuition by tuning into your Body Wisdom and using Muscle Testing.

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Your Hearts Desires

An old and weary lady went to heaven once day and as the Angels led her through a long passageway, she saw a beautiful light shining from under the door. Curious she asked if she could go in. “Oh, you don’t want to go in there” they said ushering her along. “Why ever not?” she replied. “Well” they said in hushed voices, “of course you are allowed to go wherever you want, but in that room are the most wonderful and beautiful things and we wouldn’t want to upset you.” “Why ever would I be upset”? the old lady replied. “Because” said the angels, in there are all of your hearts desires, all the treasures that you didn’t think you deserved, all of your unfulfilled dreams that you didn’t dare ask for, they were there for you all along.”

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The World is Waiting for You

Helping You Transform Your Life Be Your Self and Shine Your Light!

Amaterasu was the Japanese Shinto Sun Goddess who, being so bright and so radiant was sent by her parents to heaven, she now oversees and shines down upon humanity.

Amaterasu became upset when her brother the storm god started demolishing the planet, so she hid herself away in a cave as protest, and the world grew cold and dark. All the other gods tried everything to coax her out. Nothing worked until they finally put a mirror at the cave entrance. [Read more…]

Hypnotherapy Works

How Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Really Works by Weeding and Seeding the Garden of Your Soul

Now just imagine for a moment if you will, that your mind is just like a garden. Of course everybody knows that even the best kept gardens grow weeds, and weeds as you know spread like wildfire. Now your garden may well be filled with beautiful flowers and you may be planting tiny seeds that will blossom in time. but the roots of the weeds go much deeper and are already established. Any good gardener will tell you that if you try to remove the weeds by simply pulling them up or chopping the tops off, they’re more likely to come back or worse still, spread and you’ll find more weeds (symptoms or problems) than when you first began.

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Developing Your Intuition

Do you struggle with being able to follow your heart and intuition? The truth is, in many circumstances, your heart and intuition are usually right, but if you tend to over think things too much, you might stray from those initial inner thoughts.

Following Your Heart

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